The Team goal is to add 600 people to the Shark Nation Code 24 System powered by GoMentum during the month of October 2016.  We have 207 subscribers today and when each person brings 3 new people onto the system we will have over 800 people on our system of duplication.

Campaign 600 is the next step in our journey.  It’s designed to fan the embers of what we have started until they ignite into a Shark Nation MOVEMENT.  We all have to work together, follow the same system, and take action as a unified unit to reach achieve our mission. Right now, we need to focus on executing a successful Campaign 600.

Contest Details:

What to Do:

  • The contest runs from Saturday, October 1st, 2016 until 11:59pm (Pacific), October 31st 2016.
  • Each GoMentum Subscriber will earn the chance to win one of two grand prizes to be awarded in December.
  • Everyone that gets 3 or more people enrolled into the Code 24 system powered by GoMentum before 11:59pm (Pacific), October 31st will be entered into the drawing for a 1st and 2nd Place winner. The 3 enrollees can be new consultants or existing team members.  Once you enroll 3 people your name will be entered into the drawing 3 times.
  • You may earn additional entries into the drawing by enrolling new consultants. For each new consultant enrolled during the campaign period an additional entry will be made for you in the drawing.  These additional entries will only be made if the following are true:
  • You already have enrolled 3 people that are either new consultants or existing team members.
  • The new consultants have completed the First 48 Hour Fast Start on GoMentum by 11:59pm (Pacific), October 31
  • The new consultant gets paid and triggers Jump Start Bonuses by November 5th.
  • You have taken a screenshot from your back office Powerzone of team payments that show your new consultants got paid. Send this screenshot, your name, your email address, and your phone number to
  • New Consultants and new subscribers who enroll after the contest began on Saturday, October 1st are also eligible provided they enroll at least 3 new GoMentum subscribers by the end of the contest.


How To Proceed

  • Each team member will invite people and help them to get enrolled and using the Code 24 System powered by GoMentum.
  • The first 3 invitees may be current team members or new consultants.
  • Invitations can be sent to people in many ways:
  • Direct people to Tell them to select the GoMentum tab and follow the instructions on the SharkNation page to get signed up.
  • Email or text this message to people: “Watch this short video to learn how to sign-up for the Shark Nation system:
  • Send text messages using sample templates in the Setting Business Appointments feature on the Build Your Business view.
  • Always make sure you tell everyone why it is important to sign up for this system:  It will help you succeed, it will make Shark Nation stronger, and you will make more money!
  • When you have confirmed that someone you have invited has enrolled in the system, immediately send an email with his or her First and Last Name to and include your name, your email address, and your phone number. We will verify the information and create entries into the drawing.


 What Not to Do:

      • Do not tell people to “call the Gomentum Team and they will sign you up”.  Direct them to the information to help themselves get signed up.  Please help them as needed; it is part of your responsibility.
      • Do not tell people to sign up without providing information about the system and how it will help them.  Direct them to the Shark page for information so they can decide on their own ( & select GoMentum tab)
      • Do not tell them they will get a discount.  Our launch discount period ended on 9/14.



“Uncommon Me” Recognition

The 4 winners of Campaign 600 will be highlighted in the Uncommon Me magazine with their photos

and their story for all to see as recognition of their efforts to make Shark Nation stronger and their help to ignite a movement.

We will also include photos of the top 3 team members that brought the most new consultants on to the system during Campaign 600.
This is your opportunity to be recognized as a leader in the Shark Nation Movement!







Shark Team Bonus!

If we reach our Team Goal of 600 additional people signed up for the Code 24 System powered by Gomentum by 11:59pm (Pacific), October 31st we will have an additional bonus for everyone that brought 3 people to the system during Campaign 600.

The GoMentum team will invite everyone that enrolled 3 people into the system and their invitees to a private, Sneak-Preview Webinar.  During this webinar we will provide insight into our plans and ideas for future enhancements to the GoMentum System.  It will be your chance to learn about what is coming to make your system even better than it is today!  And you will have the opportunity to share your ideas for improving your system.

GoMentum Advisory Panel

Lastly, the top 12 people that enrolled the most new consultants into the system during Campaign 600 will be invited to participate in the GoMentum Advisory Panel for Shark Nation.  These 12 people will have input and participation in the future direction of the GoMentum System.  Their voice will be heard as we plan future enhancements to make the GoMentum System the best it can be for Shark Nation.

What is GoMentum? Click here to listen?

If you have questions on CAMPAIGN 600, please send them to, and please include your name, your email address, and your phone number.

Let’s Change the World !!




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